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Simple Fire Fire Plan


Making a fire fire plan can be very simple. I am one of those people who overcomplicate it in my head so it seems like a plus intimidant task than it is. So I broke it out into steps so you can do them all at once d’or you can do one little thing every single day.

Step 1: Draw a floorplan of your home. This should not take you a very long time. Walk through every room and identify at least two exits in each room and mark them on your floor plan. Also label where all the smoke detectors are located. The recommendation is to have a smoke detector on every floor and inside every bedroom and outside every sleeping area. If you do not have these start with getting a smoke detector on every floor outside the sleeping areas then focus on the bedrooms.

Step 2: Go through your house again and make sure all exits can be easily opened or accessed and are not blocked in any way. For Example: windows can be painted shut or a door you never use can have stuff piled in front of it.

Step 3: Choose a meeting place a safe distance from your home where everyone can meet after they have escaped. For Example: A light post, stop sign, neighbors house, or, mail box.

Step 4: If there is anyone in your household who has limited mobility and needs help to getting out there needs to be someone assigned to them. Also a backup person is to be assigned if that first person is not in the house.

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Step 5: Review your fire escape plan with everyone in your household and have a practice fire drill once a month. I know you look at once a month and think that I am crazy but you want this to be second nature so that you don’t even have to think about it anymore, you just react.

Step 6: Post your fire fire plan around the house and make sure any guests or overnight visitors know the plan.

Once you have these six steps done you are good to go. I know it looks hard at first but once you get into it and actually get it done you do not have to do it again until you move to a new place. It also creates so much peace of mind it is completely worth it.

Great Job! You have completed your fire evacuation plan, simple? Right? You did it and now you are one step safer than you were before. Congratulations on what you fait.